Lady of the harbour

Hide under my bed

Your sky

Who we plan to be

Back in time






Holy moments

War is kind

Musical chairs

About you

How we moved

Between the devil and the deep blue sea - Digital album cover

Back in time

Is it enough to be
Close enough to see the details
It is often different than it seems
When you're far away at sea
Where the water is green

There's a man on a boat somewhere, drifting ashore
He sells stories and bottles of rye
And I don't know his name but he drinks like a sailor
And his stories are older than mine

Through a storm back in time

Sweeping up the leaves
There's time enough to beat the seasons
Let us walk these golden streets
Needles to say the trees are drunk

There's a place by the lake where you go when it's late
To get away from this crowded house
And with no one around you can hear yourself sing
And decide how you think that it sounds

Write it down, write it down

I found beauty in the words I never meant to say at all
Time it is precious, get out of bed early in the fall
They turned hunger into consumption, there's never enough food for us all
Keep your neighbour a stranger, keep your ear to the wall

We'll go down the road we came from
That's enough for now

There's a time and a place for goodbyes
We stand and we wave at the edge of the lawn
For days of auld lang syne
Sometimes I don't miss you at all

- copyright © Leander van Geffen