Lady of the harbour

Hide under my bed

Your sky

Who we plan to be

Back in time






Holy moments

War is kind

Musical chairs

About you

How we moved

Between the devil and the deep blue sea - Digital album cover

Blue beautiful eyes

Hey, blue beautiful eyes
Take all your time
I’m on your side

Hey, I just hope you’re alright
Blue beautiful eyes
show me your mind

On the breaking point of lying, baby, telling you lies
you said I could cry
blue beautiful eyes

From the first time I saw you
I have wanted to sing
Don’t mind the dark clouds to gather
or the ocean between
A letter does wonders
I just hope that I will find you in time

A mirror stands in between you and me
We’re so alike
except for our eyes

The beauty of the world is gathered in thy
blue beautiful eyes
The scales never lie

I love the way you look at the birds
If I was a bird
to you I would fly

The last time I saw you
you were beautiful
I heard your voice
and it was beautiful
I looked so deep
in your big blue beautiful eyes

While you sit so quiet
next to me
I must say
I love your mystery
Beware, my friend
for I’ll never let you out of my sight

Hey, blue beautiful eyes
Take all your time
I’m on your side

- copyright © Leander van Geffen