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Between the devil and the deep blue sea - Digital album cover

For the new world order (Babylon)

Children play, old men say: 'time is still young'
Picture me in black and white the town where I belong
Never ending walls and hanging gardens in the sun
High upon the hill there lives the whore of Babylon

Confusion or a gate to god, what difference can you tell
If none at all, search far and wide, perhaps it’s just as well
Remember all you see, remember everything you hear
When you lose count of your steps then surely Babylon is near

Well, once upon a feast appeared the writing on the wall
In the eyes of Daniel priest it meant that Babylon would fall
So at the break of day there came the enemy to call upon the gates
Soon they say will come the ending of the world

Centuries went by, worlds have been lost
Everyone has been fighting for their personal cause
They say we have travelled far, at least we built higher than before
And there is always Noah’s ark again, may come the second flood

Not so long ago the world was sent to war
To find weapons of mass destruction no one ever saw
Away with all the lies, away with all the guns
Away with all them paupers playing preacher in the sun

Children play, yet I say the end is gonna come
Picture me on a colour-screen the ruins of Babylon
A never ending tale evaporates into the sun
May a new world order come; it’s an old, old song

- copyright © Leander van Geffen