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Holy moments

War is kind

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How we moved

Between the devil and the deep blue sea - Digital album cover

Have faith

There’s this man, he keeps knocking on my door
He tells me Jesus is what I’ve been waiting for
He’s got a hat, a long black coat and he wears a mask
He hands out books that carry truth, or so he says

'Come to our church and thank our god for every day
Taste both the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ and pray
You’ll learn to fear and dread the day you are to die
Don’t eat the apple or get thrown from paradise'

Across the street I see a rabbi refusing hands
A dangerous thing, if you was a Muslim and a man
But I don’t make the rules; I haven’t got the tools
I just wish to learn all that I can, oh holy fools!

The rabbi says: 'Son, why don’t you come and pray with us?
What we believe is far less dangerous'
He gave me a book with their side of the story
I really tried, I just couldn’t find myself any glory

On down the road there is a mosque, I hear them pray
Face down to the east and crawl, five times a day
No need to speak; a cartoon says all I need to know
Camp in a tent; if you’re a woman you can’t say no

A while ago I saw some pictures on a screen
I’m sure you all have seen the movie that I mean
I don’t agree but I do try to understand
I know you can’t, man, but don’t you fuck around with art

Now listen, I’m all for believing
if you got reason to fear what awaits us all
I just want you all to meet a thing called freedom
But now it’s kill or be killed rather than live and let live
Maybe I’ll meet you all in heaven or in hell

- copyright © Leander van Geffen