Lady of the harbour

Hide under my bed

Your sky

Who we plan to be

Back in time






Holy moments

War is kind

Musical chairs

About you

How we moved

Between the devil and the deep blue sea - Digital album cover

Hide under my bed

If we were kids I would hide you under my bed
So you could always be with me
You could sleep, sleep under my bed
If you're scared you don't have to leave
Until my mother finds you

I will paint you flowers
Sing for you a lullaby
Kiss you a goodnight

I will share my dreams
Hold you through a lonely night
Make you take of your clothes

I know you're scared to show your back
But baby, I know every part of you and I love it all
So hide under my bed
I will make sure my mother won't find you
You're safe with me now

Because I'm as strong as Big Bird
I'm not scared of monsters
I can fight them all

I'm a red balloon
Hold me I will take you
Right up to the sky

I do now make promises
But if you want to stay
I will try and love you every day

I know there will be days
You don't feel okay
But I will try to catch you anyway

- copyright © Emmy Kool