Lady of the harbour

Hide under my bed

Your sky

Who we plan to be

Back in time






Holy moments

War is kind

Musical chairs

About you

How we moved

Between the devil and the deep blue sea - Digital album cover

How we moved

In a quiet place on a boat
at a lake shore you said:
‘I want to be sure
That you love me the way I do
Or maybe even a little more’

In that time you wrote those songs for me
And you said we would be just fine

Oooh how you move
Oooh how we moved

In a town with a party in a garden
where we danced all night through
I left myself blue
We went high on that summer night
Saying all I need is you

Where we said:
‘We will grow old together’
We both believed it was true

Oooh how you move
Oooh how we moved

In the car when you drove me home
We talked it through, you bowed your head
You said you were sorry
And I thought:
‘well this feels like losing you once again’

You told me while I wore her clothes
And smelled of her cigarettes

Well I once loved her too
But I guess no more… now you do

Oooh how you move
Oooh how we moved

- copyright © Emmy Kool