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Lady of the harbour

There's a ship in the harbour
that hasn't been seen there before
There's a man on board, he has come to deliver
his whiskey and tales of the sea to the shore
There's a ship in the harbour that no one
has seen there before
The man jumps from the gangway, straight
in the arms of the girl he was looking for

There's a girl in the docks, she sleeps under
the bridges at day where she works at night
She carries many names, but there's one
she keeps to herself at all cost, at all time
She has never been loved for longer than
it took for anyone to pay the price
But she smiles as she does what she does,
she knows it's the only way for her to survive

There was a wind blowing strong
As the people went home
And they talked of the man from the sea
How his stories were bold
They were told all around
By the whores from the docks to the towns

She saw him jump down from the deck of his ship
in her arms and she hastened to say:
'I don't care what your name is, I don't care where you're going,
please won't you take me away'
He said: 'girl, step aboard, all that is mine now is yours,
I will show you the endless sky'
The tears in her eyes were as salt as the sea as
he carried her safely inside

There was a wind blowing strong
As the people went home
And they cursed the man from the sea
The women envied the girl
While their husbands grew jealous
Of the ship and the chance to be free

So they drove him away with pitchforks, fire and flame:
'we don't like your whiskey anyway
Don't come here again, we haven't time for your lies'
Out over yonder gathered unfriendly skies
The man hastened to go, but the girl was ashore,
handing out names she thought she would need now more
She saw him set sail, he saw her stand in the rain
and he yelled from his ship: 'I will find you again'

There was a wind blowing strong
'I must go', he says
'Keep on your light and await my return'
So she walks through the docks at day
She keeps the lighthouse at night
For if only he might

But there is a storm coming on
With heavier winds
To push with all their might upon his ship
He sings to the waves
And while his ship sinks
He opens up his finest for a final drink

He puts a letter in the bottle which says:
'I have naught to give but love in ink'

- copyright © Leander van Geffen