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Musical chairs

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Between the devil and the deep blue sea - Digital album cover

Musical chairs

She is the star of the show tonight
Lady in black
Each time should feel like the first
She drinks to forget

She said the cheap seats are the best place to be
So he sits there and stares
He counts the beats of her heart
From way at the back

Now the death city band plays a song that has never been heard before
She walks onto the stage with her hands in the air: a surrender
She knows beauty is in failure and sadness is sweeter than air

He’s the king of the castle
He holds down the gate
While his trumpeter guard
Stands around up on the walls in wait

His words are his weapon
Disarmed since he saw her on stage
Not a sound leaves his lips
As he stares at the white blank page

He has been staying up late sniffing books, getting high on the rot
Now he finds when he wakes he is trapped in a cage and remembers
Her standing on a well-lit stage singing: ‘all my rage been gone’

She dreams of a garden
He dreams of a chest
She picks up her child
And carries it to bed

He writes a story by the light of the moon
About a garden with walls where her flowers could bloom
They would walk hand in hand through the blossoms at night
To the back, where he digs up a chest
Inside is a musical box, as they wind it up
It plays a song that has never been heard before

Where do you go when there’s nothing to celebrate
And you feel that it’s time to get out of this place
Oh to walk out the door with your hands in the air
A surrender to life and the world that you once loved
But time and again it has proven so dark
We play musical chairs with our dearest ambitions and die

I and I

- copyright © Leander van Geffen