Lady of the harbour

Hide under my bed

Your sky

Who we plan to be

Back in time






Holy moments

War is kind

Musical chairs

About you

How we moved

Between the devil and the deep blue sea - Digital album cover


It's not so hard to breathe in water
but does it really feel like drowning
Of all the things that we remember
there’s so much I’m trying to forget

Nineteen years and I’m still breathing
although it always feels I’m freezing
It may be days till I will see you
but I can’t think of anything else

I know I said you could always call me
but only because I hoped that you would
Making friends with the world around me
I wish I could live a foolish life

I promised myself I’d always cry
about this love that lived and died
But to be honest I must say
it’s getting better, I’m ok

There’s other people, other ways
I learned a lot the past few days
If there’s any chance of getting saved
now would be the perfect time

I read your book like it was one big letter
It made me feel a little better
When I grow up I wanna be a storyteller
tell stories of a good life

No regrets about the past
No second choice, it’s just a feeling
I’ve put all my doubts into this song
with the excuse of poetry

Now I’m a collector of reasons to leave
I’m looking for people and places to visit
Soon I will leave everything behind
It’s getting easier

- copyright © Leander van Geffen